Clear Stitched Plastic Menu Covers Banner
Clear Stitched Plastic Menu Covers Banner

Clear Stitched Leatherette, High Gloss, Textured, Metallic Menu Covers

Our Signature line of Cafe Menu Covers is the favorite of many Restaurateurs. Manufactured to any size with numerous different panel styles to promote your menu inserts. We are the innovators of our decorative trims: Marbles, Granites, Iguanas, Lizards and Metallics trims including the development of our Soft Classic™ Non-Glare Plastic.

See the Difference!


  • 28 different colors to choose from
  • Cafe Menu Covers are Flexible & Economical
  • Protects your Menu Pages
  • Flexibility of changing your Menu Inserts in and out
  • Market your Menu Items
  • Brand your identity
  • Easy to clean
  • Two different Corner Styles with 4 different color choices
Try our Soft Classic™ Non-Glare Plastic
  • Reduces Appearance of Surface Scratching
  • Anti-Reflective Surface Easy to Read
  • Hides Fingerprints
  • Minimizes Shattering & Cracking