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Clear Menu Covers

Heat-Sealed Menu Covers

Clear Menu Covers are an economical alternative to protect your Menu Pages with a Clean Presentation. Heavy -Duty Plastic with your choice of Clear Plastic or Non-Glare Plastic. Heat Sealed Menu Covers are available in Single Panel Two-View or a Two Panel Four-View. Slide your Menu Inserts in and out. Easy to clean.

Our Single Panel Heat Sealed Menu Covers are available with 11 different sizes. Our Two Panel Heat Sealed Menu Covers are available with 4 different sizes.

Extra Rigid Heat Sealed Menu Covers.

Available in a Single Panel with  2 viewing sides. This Extra Rigid Clear Cover is manufactured with Heavy-Duty Plastic on the Front and Back with a Rigid .020 gage Extra Rigid Plastic in the center of the Cover giving an Extra Rigid Feel. A Clean Presentation for displaying your Menu Inserts.

Other Heat Sealed Menu Cover products:

Add A Panels: Which can be added to our Clear Stitched Plastic Menu Covers for an additional page to promote your Menu items. Slide in and out of the Cover when needed. Clear or Non-Glare Plastic. Three different styles to choose from.

Trim-Fit ® Page Protectors: Available in 3 Ring and 6 Ring. 8 1/2” X 11” Size Manufactured with an Heavy 10 Gage Plastic.

Spiral Page Protectors & Hardcovers with screws Page Protectors

Available up to 9 different sizes to choose from. Hardcovers with screws Page Protectors are available with Clear or Non-Glare Plastic.