Our 22 point Chipboard is a great way to add additional extra Rigidity to Menu Covers with Plastic Panels and Covers with Plastic Page Protectors. We cut the Chipboard a little less than your Menu Insert size for easier insertion.

Sold in packages of 100

5¼w x 8¼h$17.95$14.95$13.95
4w x 10½h$19.65$16.65$15.65
5w x 10½h$19.75$16.75$15.75
8w x 10½h$19.95$16.95$15.95
4w x 13½h$19.95$16.95$15.95
5w x 13½h$20.25$17.25$16.25
8w x 13½h$20.95$17.95$16.95
10½w x 16½h$36.95$33.95$32.95

Usually ships 1-3 business days.