Latera™ Menu Covers

Single Panel - 2-View


Our 2-View Latera™ Menu Covers are a very Durable and Clean Presentation to display your menu inserts. Extra Rigid Clear Plastic on the Front & Back.

Your choice of numerous different colors of materials to choose from. Customize your presentation of the Latera™ Menu Covers with mixing the materials or matching the colors. The top & bottom bars are a heavier material which are glued and lock-stitched for durability. Same material that we utilize on our Restaurant Hardcovers. Manufactured with extra-rigid 20-gauge clear plastic on the front and back of the cover with Bengaline Nylon material on the sides of the cover. Your choice of 5 different Nylon colors. Add an optional foil imprint with your logo.

For easier menu insertion, utilize card stock.


  • Durable Restaurant Menu Cover with the flexibility of changing your menu inserts
  • 9 different sizes to choose from
  • Mix or match colors
  • Choice of 21 different colors of materials to choose from
  • Our 8½-inch and 11-inch width sizes are a top load cover
  • Our smaller 5½-inch and 7-inch width sizes are side loading for an easier menu insertion
  • Optional foil imprinting on top and bottom bars
5½w x 8½h$13.75$10.75$9.75$9.25$8.75
5½w x 11h$13.85$10.85$9.85$9.35$8.85
7w x 11h$13.95$10.95$9.95$9.45$8.95
8½w x 11h$13.95$10.95$9.95$9.45$8.95
5½w x 14h$14.25$11.25$10.25$9.75$9.25
7w x 14h$14.45$11.45$10.45$9.95$9.45
8½w x 14h$14.45$11.45$10.45$9.95$9.45
11w x 14h$15.25$12.25$11.25$10.75$10.25
11w x 17h$15.45$12.45$11.45$10.95$10.45

Customize Your Product:

Morombe™️ Ostrich - Pecan

Morombe™️ Ostrich - Black

Morombe™️ Ostrich - Dark Brown

Classic - Black

Classic - Brown

Classic - Blue

Classic - Burgundy

Classic - Distressed Camel

Classic - Distressed Seal

Classic - Distressed Taupe

Classic - Red

Classic - Cork

Simulated Wood - Black Wood

Simulated Wood - Burnt Red

Simulated Wood - Driftwood

Simulated Wood - Espresso

Simulated Wood - Lima Green

Simulated Wood - Sky Blue

Simulated Wood - Splintered Brown

Simulated Wood - Splintered Driftwood

Simulated Wood - Walnut

Bengaline Nylon - Black

Bengaline Nylon - Seal Brown

Bengaline Nylon - Red

Bengaline Nylon - Burgundy

Bengaline Nylon - Blue


Imprint Sample

Latera Imprint Sample

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Actual color may be slightly different than shown.
For additional 2-color imprint or more, please contact us at (800)-524-5278 or [email protected]

Gloss Burgundy

Gloss Forest Green

Gloss Red

Gloss Royal Blue

Matte Medium Blue

Matte Sky Blue

Matte Black

Matte Cream

Matte Brown

Matte Gray

Matte Light Brown

Matte Light Green

Matte Medium Brown

Matte Metallic Gold

Matte Metallic Silver

Matte Orange

Matte Purple

Matte Pink

Matte Warm Red

Matte White

Matte Yellow Mustard

Matte Yellow








All Menu Covers are made to order, and all sales are final. Please review your spec sizes before ordering and feel free to contact us for a free sample.

Usually ships 6-8 business days.