Hardcover with Screws & Picture Frame Corners



Like never before our All-New Restaurant Hardcovers with screws are now available with Picture Frame Corner sub-panels in the inside of the cover. An attractive Menu Cover to promote your menu items. Available with many of our Hardcover materials.


  • Numerous colors and textures of materials
  • 8 different sizes
  • Picture frame corner sub-panels
  • Change your menu inserts in and out
  • Decorative screws available with 4 different colors


  • Optional foil stamp or blind deboss your logo on the cover
  • Customize with a two-toned cover
  • Optional die-cut window
  • Please inquire for custom sizes

See the difference!

5½w x 8½h$23.45$20.45$19.95$19.45
4¼w x 11h$23.95$20.95$20.45$19.95
5½w x 11h$24.45$21.45$20.95$20.45
8½w x 11h$24.75$21.75$21.25$20.75
4¼w x 14h$24.55$21.55$21.05$20.55
5½w x 14h$24.75$21.75$21.25$20.75
8½w x 14h$24.95$21.95$21.45$20.95

Customize Your Product:

Classic - Black

Classic - Blue

Classic - Brown

Classic - Burgundy

Classic - Copper

Classic - Cork

Classic - Dark Grey

Classic - Distressed Camel

Classic - Distressed Seal

Classic - Distressed Taupe

Classic - Distressed Gray

Classic - Red

Teluk™ - Black

Teluk™ - Burgundy Vino

Teluk™ - Caramel

Teluk™ - Deep Ocean

Teluk™ - Sage

Morombe™ Ostrich - Black

Morombe™ Ostrich - Dark Brown

Morombe™ Ostrich - Pecan

Morombe™ Ostrich - Wine

Simulated Wood - Black Wood

Simulated Wood - Burnt Red

Simulated Wood - Coastal Blue

Simulated Wood - Driftwood

Simulated Wood - Espresso

Simulated Wood - Lima Green

Simulated Wood - Pecan

Simulated Wood - Sky Blue

Simulated Wood - Splintered Brown

Simulated Wood - Splintered Driftwood

Simulated Wood - Walnut

Basket Weave - Basket Brown

Basket Weave - Blue Wave

Basket Weave - Dark Brown

Basket Weave - Mango Wood

Basket Weave - Tiki Brown

Astra - Black Onyx

Astra - Bordeaux

Astra - Espresso

Astra - Savannah

Astra - Slate Grey

Astra - Terra

Linen - Black

Linen - Canvas

Linen - Denim Blue

Linen - French Roast

Linen - Hickory

Linen - Praline

Linen - Wicker

Vienna™ - Brushed Blue

Vienna™ - Copper

Vienna™ - Brushed Taupe

Vienna™ - Steel






Hardcovers with Screws - Two-Toned Cover

Classic - Black

Classic - Brown

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Actual color may be slightly different than shown.
For additional 2-color imprint or more, please contact us at (800)-524-5278 or [email protected]

Gloss Burgundy

Gloss Forest Green

Gloss Red

Gloss Royal Blue

Matte Sky Blue

Matte Medium Blue

Matte Black

Matte Cream

Matte Brown

Matte Gray

Matte Light Brown

Matte Light Green

Matte Medium Brown

Matte Metallic Gold

Matte Metallic Silver

Matte Orange

Matte Purple

Matte Pink

Matte Warm Red

Matte White

Matte Yellow Mustard

Matte Yellow

Metallics - Blue

Metallics - Bronze

Metallics - Copper

Metallics - Gold

Metallics - Green

Metallics - Red

Metallics - Silver

Blind Deboss Sample

Optically Centered


Lower Right Corner

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All Menu Covers are made to order, and all sales are final. Please review your spec sizes before ordering and feel free to contact us for a free sample.

Usually ships 10-14 business days.